By Lindsey J. Morgan | July 13 2012 15:40

Gary Mol's Bullet Bunker products at Camp Perry's Vendor Row

Port Clinton, Ohio - Port Clinton resident Gary Mol had two things preventing him from enjoying shooting to the fullest: he didn't have a cost effective way to shoot on his own property and he was tired of getting hit by ricocheting debris. Luckily, Gary is a crafty guy and invented a solution, the Bullet Bunker.

Many ranges use large steel plates to stop bullets. While the plates are effective, bullets can shatter on impact and fragments occasionally fly all the way back to the firing line. Mol's Bullet Bunker traps these fragments and keeps shooters safe from ricochets. "It's perfect for gun manufacturers, gunsmiths, cops, sports clubs, forensic labs," Mol listed. "Basically anyone who needs a bullet stopped, because its the cheapest out there and twice as strong."

The Bullet Bunker has a specially designed face of self-sealing rubber with layers of polyester-nylon fabric - similar to the kind found in bullet-proof vests - laminated in between. Behind the face are hundreds of ballistic medium pieces that begin decelerating the bullet as soon as it passes through the face. 

"It's like trying to run through a field of corn," Mol explained. "You can get over two or three rows, but after a while it just plain tires you out and stops you." 

Bullet Bunkers have the power to stop and contain everything from .22 caliber rimfire to .50 BMG. Because projectiles are slowed gently instead of impacting on a hard wall, bullets are sometimes left entirely intact and can be reused.

The face of the unit can take thousands of rounds until needing to be replaced. "Alan Arnstean from High Standards [another Camp Perry vendor] shot it when testing his air rifle and got 104,000 rounds out of the face until he had to change it," Mol said of the Bunker Buster's durability. "Of course, if you are shooting shotgun slugs or wide-cutter .45s, the face will need to be changed out sooner."

Targets can be attahed to the Bullet Bunker however you please. Tacking, stapling, drilling, the Bullet Bunker can handle it all.

Mol debuted his mobile creations at Camp Perry in 2009 and has been coming back as a vendor ever since. This year there are two new products: clearing boxes created to replace your typical fifty-five gallon drum of sand. Made of the same rubber-ballistic material, these no-blow back boxes are perfect for discharging or unloading weapons in gun shops.

Vendor row at Camp Perry is often described to be a shooter's dream and Gary's Bullet Bunkers are a great example. If you're coming to the National Matches, you should definitely stop by and take a look at these amazing products for yourself.


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