By Lars Dalseide | July 12 2012 14:12

Burgess Slide Action Folding shotgun

Fairfax, Virginia - After Senior Curator Doug Wicklund made his 2012 debut last week on Curator's Corner with a Sharps Rifle, we were unsure as to where he would go next. After all, a gun with the history of the Sharps... how are you going to beat that? How about with a Burgess Folding Shotgun.

Appearing at the tail end of the 19th Century, the Burgess Shotgun (as you can see above) folds neatly into a tight little bow. But what makes the piece even more interesting isn't necessarily the particulars about the gun (12 gauge, 27 inch barrel, pump action repeater), but why you probably never heard of it before.

Burgess folding shotgun inside the National Firearms Museum

The Burgess was created by a man named Andrew Burgess. Those familiar with the firearms industry should know his name because the man held almost 900 firearm-related patents at the time of his death. So what happened? Winchester. Winchester came in, bought the company, and shut it down. Very Microsoft of them.

To hear Doug tell the tale, along with how then New York City Police Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt had a man unleash a few rounds from a Burgess in his office, tune in tonight for Curator's Corner on NRANews and Sirius/XM Patriot.

Wicklund takes aim with a Burgess folding shotgun

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