By Lars Dalseide | July 11 2012 14:31

Port Clinton, Ohio - All the Top Shot fans out there will remember this line — "Hey diddle diddle, right down the middle!"

That's the tag line one William Bethards of Fredericksburg, Virginia made so famous during Season 4 of the History Channel show. Back in the competitive shooting saddle after a brief layoff, Bethards is thrilled to be back in the game.

"I'm real happy to be back shooting again," Bethards told NRA National Pistol Manager Tom Hughes.

Bethards joined Hughes for a pre-match interview outside of the NRA Stat Office at Camp Perry. It was there they discussed everything short of the "Hey Diddle Diddle" catch-phrase.

"Someone ... said it would be nice if you tried out for Top Shot," Bethards told NRA National Pistol Manager Tom Hughes. "It kinda got the bug going again. So I tried out and it's been a good thing for me."

Bethards joins Brian Zins and a handful of other hand selected shooters thanks to Cabot Guns and Atlanta Arms Ammunition. Accordingly so, they appeared to be performing well despite the conditions.

"It was a little whippy out here but welcome to Camp Perry," said Bethards. "For most of us old shooters, it's all coming back to me to gut these shots out between the wind."

But that's what it takes to win a title out here in Camp Perry. Push past the conditions, fellow competitors and whatever tricks your mind begins to play as the match draws on. An adventure every shooter should experience at least once in their career.

"You at least have to do it once in your lifetime, the experience ... will change you life and change your fundamentals forever."

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