By Lars Dalseide | July 6 2012 07:54

Taking aim in a rifle box at NRA's Oregon Tactical Police Competition

Medford, Oregon - Marc Lipp, Bert Peacher and the rest of NRA Law Enforcement's Competition staff spent the better part of two weeks in a town called Medford. They were there for the fourth NRA Tactical Police Competition of the year. This time they were stationed at the Jackson County Sports Park.

Constructing courses named Baton Transition, Shield Shooting 101 and Rifle Position Work, they welcomed officers from as close as the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office and as far away as the Albany Police Department. After battling the daily drizzle and the rest of the field, here's how the top shooters finished up.

On the pistol course at Oregon's Tactical Police Competition

2012 Oregon TPC — Tactical Division
Newquist Albany Police Department 430.17
2 Spalding ICE - DHS 432.88
3 Scheffler Lassen County Sheriff's 460.39
4 Frisch ICE-DHS 475.96
5 Naffziger Lewisville PD 481.95

Smoking shotgun at NRA's Oregon Tactical Police Competition

2012 Oregon TPC — Patrol Division
Davis Albany Police Department 439.79
2 Sun McKinney Police Department 453.43
3 Erickson Washington State Penitentiary 530.78
4 Cicero Jackson County Sheriff's 532.76
5 Randolph Washington State Penitentiary 548.59

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