By Lars Dalseide | July 4 2012 11:08

The National Firearms Museum opens on the 4th of July

Fairfax, Virginia - Fireworks are set to discharge around the DC Metro area in about nine hours. Until then, friends and family are filling the time in between completing household chores, fetching supplies for events of the day and firing up the grill. But if you're in search of other activities to add to the 4th's patriotic tenor, then head over to NRA Headquarters in Fairfax.

There you will find two family fun opportunities at your fingertips; the National Firearms Museum and the NRA Headquarters Range.

The Museum holds America's history in their hands. With displays and exhibits that tell the tale of the United States, from the arrival of the Mayflower to the Civil War to today's battles in Afghanistan, there are ample examples of America's fight for freedom throughout those hallowed halls. And there's still plenty of time to take that trip as the doors stay open until 5:00 this afternoon.

Next we have the Headquarters Range. Opened approximately an hour ago, the 15 state of the art lanes are ready for firing until 8:00 this evening ... leaving plenty of time to make to tonight's fireworks location.

So come on out the NRA. We have the means to fulfill your 4th of July needs.

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