By Kyle Jillson | June 29 2012 10:38

NRA YES students standing at a faux presidential podium at the American History Museum

Washington, DC - After spending Wednesday in and around our nation's capital, the caravan carrying NRA's 2012 Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) class returned to DC Thursday with even more sights to see.

The temperature was harsh and the humidity was high - a typical summer day in the former swamplands - as the students made their first stop at the Capitol Building. With Congressional Buildings on one side and Senate Buildings on the other, they made their way inside for a peek at business of law making.

After seeing where the laws were made, it was time to see where the laws were judged. Where better to do that then the Supreme Court. There on the storied steps of the nation's highest court, supporters, detractors and media representatives gathered as the 2012 session came to a close with one of the more controversial rulings in years.

All sides were heating up with in their bickering on the Supreme Court steps. It was now the perfect opportunity to get out of the head and into the air conditioned confines of the American History Museum.

YES student trying out an interactive display at the American History Museum

Chock full of Americana, the American History Museum (much like our National Firearms Museum) has an abundance of treasures to see. Maybe even too much in one quick visit. Unable to allocate the entire day to learning about everything from the Star Spangled Banner to Kermit the Frog or Model Ts, the summit's chaperones devised a fun way to get cover all corners of the museum - a scavenger hunt.

First the students broke up into groups. Each group was then handed a piece of paper with a variety of questions such as; Who was the first person born in the White House? What were the five most popular items peddlers sold? Who designed Michelle Obama's gown on display in the First Lady exhibit? What date did the bombardment of Fort McHenry begin?

YES kids checking out their scavenger hunt list

Soon they were off. Groups traversed the museum grounds in search of the answers. Unfortunately, there's so much to see and so much to learn that they were often distracted by everything NOT on the list.

As time rolled to a close, chaperons collected the papers and declared a winner. Sadly, my group did not win. Not for a lack of trying mind you. Perhaps they were distracted by the muppets? But there was some good news &meash; we now had the opportunity to roam the museum in search of our favorite exhibits.

Alas our good time eventually came to an end. Saying goodbye to the American History Museum, we clambered upon the bus in search of our next Y.E.S. adventure. It's been a busy week and will get even busier. At least we'll always have Kermit.


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