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Top Shot competitor Gabby Franco takes a shooting break The photo Gabby Franco submitted with her initial Top Shot application ... photo courtesy of Gabby Franco.
St. Louis, Missouri - After arriving on the sandy shores of Miami, Florida, soon to be NRA Certified Instructor Gabby Franco found herself waist deep in guns. Determined to immerse herself in the firearms industry, she spent the next six years traveling from trainers to ranges to shops and manufacturers. Then there was a call from home.

"My brother called from Venezuela," she started. "They were playing Season 1 of Top Shot down there and he said, 'Gabby you have to apply!' I was like … a tv show? Yea, right, me on television ... okay."

With less then a head full of steam, she emailed her background and a picture. As luck would have it — they called her right up.

"We like your email, but you need to send in an application and video. So I sent in the information. I was invited to the tryouts and well, you see, I made the show!"

Been following our series on Top Shot competitor Gabby Franco? If not, here's what you've missed:

Hyperactivity pushing through the downtime

Previous Top Shot encounters with the likes of Iain Harrison, Chris Reed, Mike Hughes and Dustin Ellermann suggested that downtime at the ranch was tough. Some even said it was the toughest part of the competition. No television, no newspapers, no movies or anything. But for Gabby, it was nothing but fun.

"I had so much fun when we weren't filming," sparkled Gabby. "As you can see, I'm a hyperactive person. I can't just sit around doing nothing. I had everyone playing games, I learned poker, we played frisbee and talked. I was always doing something."

At that point, Blue and Red designations meant very little to Gabby. Her sole focus was on finding the next bit of fun. Sharing stories from their daily dairies, playing charades, anything to Gabby Franco showing just how much she missed by help pass all the extra downtime. In fact, extra time was a commodity that Gabby decided to completely embraced.

"We have so much to do in our regular lives. There's so little time to enjoy the little things. Like the stars. We spent hours sitting outside counting the starts. When was the last time you even thought about doing that? Or the sunset?

"We'd get a group together as the sun started to go down. Everyone would sit out there on the deck with a cup of tea and watch the colors changed in the sky as the sun dipped below the horizon. It was incredible."


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