By Lars Dalseide | June 27 2012 17:31

Youth Education Summit student fires a Grease Gun from World War II at the NRA Headquarters Range

Fairfax, Virginia - Students attending NRA's 2012 Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) are exposed to many a new things. They get to tour monuments, meet Congressmen and partake in the goodies at the NRA Headquarters Range. And thanks to the staff and the National Firearms Museum, there's even a little submachine gun action.

NRA Museum Staff rolls guns and ammo through the NRA Range

After clearing the range, Senior Curator Doug Wicklund leads the parade of firearms and ammunition down to the base of the range.

The 2012 Youth Education Summit class walks into the NRA Range

Once everything was set up, the Y.E.S. students began to file in.

The Y.E.S. kids listen to a safety briefing at the NRA Headquarters Range

Gathering at the base of the range, the Y.E.S. class of 2012 received a briefing and demonstration from the museum staff as they prepared for their opportunity to shoot and HK MP5 and a World War II era GM Grease Gun.

Y.E.S. student shoots and H&K MP5 at the NRA Range

Starting with the MP5, students were allowed to fire 15 rounds of 9mm ammo before taking on the .45 caliber Grease Gun.

A World War II era Grease Gun fired by one of NRA's Youth Education Summit's students


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