By James Poole | June 27 2012 10:51

What is that?

If you guessed a collection of nearly 50 award winning deer mounts displayed in the halls of the NRA headquarters, then you have a remarkable eye.

The collection is composed of exact antler facsimiles from the top 1% ranked deer antlers found or hunted across the United States. These mounts travel all over the country for stops at sport shows and outdoor expositions. Typically displayed on the east coast, they have been known to take trips out as far west as Reno, Nevada. A favorite destination is the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show where they have been displayed for nearly 15 years.

The most notable of the mounts are replicas of the Milo Hanson buck. Holding the world record with an astounding Boone & Crocket record of 213 5/8 net points, this monster was taken with a .308 Winchester Model 88 lever-action. Along with the Milo Hanson, there are many of the top ranked usual and unusual antlers from several of the 50 states.

If you ever find yourself in the halls of the NRA, keep an eye out for this collection along with other great displays. They are truly a sight to see.

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