By Kyle Jillson | June 21 2012 07:31

A Youth Education Summit t-shirt

As NRA's Field Operations Division prepares for next week's Youth Education Summit, all the gear students will receive throughout the week is being rounded up. One of the cool pieces of NRA swag is the Y.E.S. t-shirt, seen above.

If you're out around the D.C. area next week and see one of these shirts, the rest are not far away.

The Youth Education Summit will be poping up in a lot of familiar spots such as the National Mall's memorials, the Supreme Court, Arlington National Cemetery and a whole lot more.

This event is a can't-miss opportunity for high school students interested in the Second Amendment. Unfortunately not everyone can get in because there are only so many slots and a lot of competition.

If you're interested, visit Y.E.S.'s website and read up on the application to find out what it takes to get an invitation. The more time you have to prepare, the better your chances that your smiling face will be popping up here on NRAblog in the future.


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