By Lars Dalseide | June 19 2012 07:33

NRA Executive shares stories of success and Stars Wars Light Sabers with Virginia kids

Gainesville, Virginia - Career Day is a time honored rite of passage for kids and grownups alike. Recruiting an adult with a cool job to swing by an Elementary School and tell the kids about their job. Hopefully, if all goes well, the speakers will inspire a student or two. Popular professions at these events are usually veterinarians, fire fighters, or in the case of Andrea Cerwinske, the Deputy Director of NRA General Operations.

"I spent the day speaking to around 200 3rd, 4th and 5th graders," Cerwinske said with a smile. "I explained to the class about what the NRA is and how even as elementary students they can be apart of our programs."

Several sections of the NRA struck a chord or two with the audience. A number of students raised their hands when asked if they'd ever had a chance to hunt or shoot. Some even had stories about turkey hunting with Dad or visits to the range. But the NRA Division that garnered the most ewws and ahhs was the National Firearms Museum. Probably because Cerwinske threw a little popular culture into the mix.

"I asked if they had seen the movie Night at the Museum … they went crazy. Especially after I told them about the soon to be opened Teddy Roosevelt exhibit. The coat, his hat, the sword he wore when he was a Rough Rider. Although they were disappointed to learn that there was no horse to come alive at night."

But the grand finale arrived in the form of a little black case. Inside was something more magical then any would imagine. Something that spans the generations. Obi Won Kenobi’s light saber.

"Their faces just lit up. Many asked if I would turn it on and show them how it works. Not to ruin the magic of the movie, I declined saying we weren't licensed turn on here at school."

Wrapping things up, Cerwinske reinforced the importance of getting an education, setting goals and hard work. Add that to the hunting escapades, trips to the range and wielding Obi Won's light saber … I'm guessing we had a lot of excited elementary students in the crowd.


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