By Lars Dalseide | June 15 2012 17:27

When the weather turns warm then it's time for the NRA National Hunter's Pistol Silhouette Championships. Usually when writing such an introduction, that means we're about to share championship pictures and scores. Instead, we're just going to look at one shooter ... Dale Snyder.

Dale is a competitive Hunter Pistol shooter from West Chester Pennsylvania. His gun of choice is a blued Colt Python .357 Magnum. What makes Dale different isn't his training regimen, target selection or accomplishments on the Ram line. What makes him different is the intensity of his load.

"He uses Federal brass with a Federal 205M primer," said NRA Silhouette Program Coordinator Jonathan Leighton. "Dale's powder choice is 15.0 grains of W296 and he's using a Hornady JTC 160 grain bullet. He told me 'I don't like making sight adjustments so I just use a load where I don't have to.'"

Then there's his method of firing.

"Most people shoot TC Contenders in .22 Hornet using the 2-handed taco method," explained Competitive Shooting's John Parker. "But Dale is rocking out with a conventional hold on that Python while shooting one of the hottest .357 Magnum loads I've ever heard of.

Taco hold is a different, 2 handed method that everyone uses now so he was just being super old school about everything. Most guys shoot TC Contenders in .22 Hornet using taco and Dale was rocking out with a conventional hold while using a Python and shooting the hottest .357 Magnum loads I've ever hear of. After all, 15.0 grains of W296 is about the max amount of powder you can get into a .357 case."

While this works for Dale that doesn't mean it will work for you. But the guys upstairs in Competitions were so befuddled by the demonstration that we just had to share.

Now go out and spoil dad on this Father's Day weekend.

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