By Lars Dalseide | June 14 2012 17:17

Kermit Roosevelt's 1903 Springfield Rifle

Fairfax, Virginia - Seems the boys over at NRANews pulled a fast one on us last week and moved Roosevelt's artistic appreciation to next week. So after a few phone calls this morning, we nailed down tonight's schedule and are pleased to announce the arrival of Kermit Roosevelt's 1903 Springfield rifle.

With a production run spanning more than fifty years, the Springfield 1903 saw action in everything from the Mexican Revolution to the Vietnam War. Measuring out at just under 44 inches, the Springfield weights approximately 9 pounds and came standard with a five round clip. No, not a magazine, a clip.

Safety side view of Kermit Roosevelt's 1903 Springfield Rifle

This particular Springfield is one of the many rifles that Kermit took to Africa in 1909 for a post presidential whirlwind safari. Abandoning Harvard for the expedition, Kermit spent the next year helping his father hunt and capture specimens for museums and institutions throughout North America.

Throughout his life, Kermit served in both World Wars as an American and a British soldier, started a steamship company, explored the River of Doubt and was a father to four.

To hear more about Kermit's adventures, and his 1903, tune in tonight on Curator's Corner at 10:40 eastern time as Senior Museum Curator Phil Schreier joins John Popp for the second to last episode of the Theodore Roosevelt collection on and Sirius/XM Patriot Satellite Radio.

Down the sights of Kermit Roosevelt's 1903 Springfield Rifle


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