By Kyle Jillson | June 12 2012 17:32
2011 NRA Youth Education Summit participant Amanda Krpan

2011 Youth Education Summit attendee Amanda Krpan was one of the top two finishers in this year's Y.E.S. Grand Scholarship, receiving a college scholarship of $6,500.

We've already told you applying for the scholarship entails introducing NRA programs into the student's community and documenting the process, but let's take a look in Amanda's application binder to see what's inside.

During her time in the nation's capital, Amanda toured most of the memorials and monuments in the area with 44 other high school sophomores and juniors as they learned the significance of the American Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the importance of being an active citizen.

Finding themselves in places like The Capitol Building, Marine Corps Base Quantico and of course NRA Headquarters, the kids had a lot of fun. The summit wasn't just one long tour full of photo ops though, students participated in individual speeches and debates during the week as they competed for up to $10,000 in college scholarships which were awarded at the summit's conclusion. 

After the seven-day, expense paid educational experience wrapped up, Amanda returned home to Alachua, Florida, determined to compete for the additional $20,000 available through the Y.E.S. Grand Scholarship.

Right out of the gate Amanda contacted Howell Lancaster, one of Florida's NRA Field Representatives, and arranged to speak about her experience at Y.E.S. during his upcoming Friends of NRA banquet in late July.

Amanda wanted to get involved with our Women On Target program and began organizing an WOT Instructional Shooting Clinic to be held at the Gator Skeet and Trap Club in the fall. Acting as clinic director, Amanda raised awareness of the clinic, which quickly reached its capacity of its 20 participants. On Nov 13, the women came out and had a great time getting familiarized with firearms and the day was a huge success; the local ABC station even came out and did a segment on the event.

Next up, Amanda worked with the Alachua County School Board to bring the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program to the area. After receiving interest from Camp Shands, a local scout camp, Amanda went through the program six times during a camping event called Buc Tuocs and taught Eddie Eagle's safety message to over 200 scouts.

"The kids will most definitely remember the chant," Amanda told the NRA.

Not done with Eddie, Amanda shared a booth with the Alachua County Sheriff's Office a couple weeks later at the North Central Florida Home Show, where she passed out flyers, stickers, workbooks and helped spread information about the program.

"People were surprised that such a program existed," Amanda said. "They were intrigued to know more. People were asking me questions about the program all day."

Amanda went a step further with her Friends of NRA involvement as well, becoming a member of the North Florida Friends of NRA committee. Amanda attended committee meetings, sold banquet and raffle tickets and worked the banquet they held this past March. She even donated two sets of handcrafted jewelry and a gift basket.

Lastly, Amanda was able to host another Women On Target Instructional Clinic in the area, this time at the Gainesville Target Range. Once again handling advertising for the event, Amanda made flyers, answered questions and registered women for the clinic which quickly maxed out again at 20 participants. Held in the middle of April, this clinic was also a huge success and Amanda for a lot of great feedback afterwards.

"The women who attended could not praise the clinic enough," Amanda said. "The event went smoothly and our volunteers were the best instructors in town."

Are you interested in getting a piece of the annual scholarship? You'll have to attend the National Youth Education Summit first. The Grand Scholarship is only available to students who attended the previous year's Y.E.S.

Visit their website to learn more about the once-in-a-lifetime trip.


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