By Kyle Jillson | June 8 2012 10:44
USA Shooting/NRA Progressive Position Air Pistol Championships

Not too long after the National Junior Air Gun Championship coming up at the end of the month is another great junior competition - the USA Shooting/NRA Progressive Position Air Pistol National Championships.

Held July 6-8 at the CMP South facility in Anniston, Alabama, the championships are a great competition for young air pistol shooters to get championship experience.

Anyone can shoot in the championships until they reach the year of their 21st birthday.

This year's top male and top female will have the honor of being named to the USA Shooting National Junior Development Team where they will have the opportunity to train with Olympic-level talent and greatly improve their skill.

There are three positions a shooter may use in Progressive Position Pistol and, once chosen, it must be used for duration of the match.

The positions are:

  • Basic Supported

Shooters can sit or stand with one or both hands on the grip, which may be rested on a firm support or a counterbalanced T stand. The maximum age allowed to use this position is thirteen.

  • Standing Supported

The shooter is standing with one hand on the grip, but may be supported by a T Stand or similar counterbalance support. The oldest you can be to shoot in this position is fifteen.

  • International Standing

Requiring a minimum age of thirteen, competitors shoot standing, unsupported and with one hand on the grip.

The championships will comprise of two match courses of 40 shots - one each day. At the conclusion of the two matches, the top eight men and top eight women from the International Standing category will advance to an Olympics-style 10-shot finals. At the finals' conclusion, both a male and female Individual National PPP Champion will be announced.

Team competition is also featured in the championships, the results of which will be based on the aggregate of the two matches, not including finals.

A complete set of match rules may be found here.


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