By Lars Dalseide | June 8 2012 13:46

Larry Mead wins the first NRA National Police Shooting Championship
Columbus PD officer Larry Mead receives congratulations for winning the 1962 NPSC

In recognition of the National Police Shooting Championship's 50th Anniversary, we take a look at the first overall champ ... Ohio's Larry Mead.

It was known as the National Police Pistol Championships. There, on the campus of Indiana University, 140 law enforcement officers gathered on the University range to battle for the first ever National Rifle Association title.

Making his way through the local, state and federal competitors was Columbus Police Department's Larry Mead.

"When the NRA began its championships, I and some other officers got Columbus PD to enter," said Mead. "Guess that was a good idea."

His first and only NPSC title, Mead registered a score of 1101-16x. Part of the credit went to the reliability of his .38 Special Smith & Wesson K-frame revolver and part went to the skill of the man. Both, claim Mead, are no longer in championship shape.

"I am using a Ruger Vaquero in .357 Magnum now," said Mead. "Of course, the sights are getting harder to see."

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