By Lars Dalseide | June 3 2012 08:44

Manager brings back mementos from Collegiate Championships

Signed NRA Intercollegiate rifle and pistol championship posters

Fairfax, Virginia - Everyone likes to come home with souvenirs. Whether it's a banner from a ballgame, a stuffed bear from a carnival or a keychain from a trade show, there's always something to keep the memories alive. For Tori Croft, National Manager of the NRA Collegiate & Schools Programs, it's a signed poster from her matches.

"Each year I ask competitors, volunteers and staff to sign one of the posters so that I can bring it back to headquarters," said Croft. "I usually have them framed and find a pretty good place to hang them."

The competitors, volunteers and staff she's referring to are that of the Intercollegiate Pistol and Rifle Championships. Both separate events, the two championships happened to occur at the same exact time this year. A challenge, no doubt, but one that Croft grabbed hold of with both hands.

"One championship is tough. But two at once ... I wasn't sure what to think."

But Tori has done this before. Two tournaments at once is no problem for her. It even provided a bit of an insight to the championships. All thanks to the souvenirs.

"It's interesting to see twice as many signatures on the Pistol poster as there are on the Rifle. That's because there are twice as many Pistol competitors. It five or ten years, who knows? Maybe Rifle will be twice the size by then."

Five to ten years. Just think of the souvenirs they'll have by then.

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