By Lars Dalseide | May 29 2012 10:48

NRA H20 Bottle Membership Monday For those of you who thought Memorial Day meant you'd be missing out of Membership Monday — fear not. We're not about to let the hundreds of goods, equipment and apparel found on go to waste. Today, as the summer begins, we bring you a must for all summer activities ... an NRA H20 bottle.

Who doesn't need a little hydration every now and then?

One of the best features of the NRA water bottle is that they are stainless steel. Why is this a big deal? For a number of reasons:

  1. Stainless steel means dishwasher safe. Just put it along side your forks, knives and coffee mugs every couple of days (or once a week depending on your preference) and you'll be good to go.
  2. They don't warp, bend or break. Take them hunting, hiking, riding or rowing and these babies will withstand the pounding. Can you say the same thing about the bottle you grabbed from the cooler this morning?
  3. There are reports and studies suggesting that plastic water bottles release toxins over time ... not the case with stainless steel.
  4. They keep the hot coffee hot and the cold water cold. What more could you want?
The NRA H20 bottle comes with the NRA shield printing on the front in a black ergonomic designed housing. Features include fingertip grips, a pop up straw and an easy to open wide mouth top that makes it easy to add ice cubes to the mixture.

Retailing for $16.95, excluding tax and shipping, the NRA H20 Bottle is a perfect addition to anyone's summer collection.

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