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nra women on target shotgun lesson in virginia
NRA Women on Target participant hits her target (see the scattered clay on the left) during shotgun class.

Centreville, Virginia - NRA's Centreville Women on Target event included lessons in rifle, pistol and shotgun. Though there are dozens of familiar faces, none are more memorable then that of Steve Canale.

Canale oversees the shotgun venue. With a little more than a half dozen volunteers under his watch, it's his cool, concise and energizing instructions that make the learning process possible.

"The key is your stance," Canale explained. "Get the gun locked on the starting point, look high, then break the target."

Shotgun Instructor Steve Canale oversees a student shoot
Shotgun Instructor Steve Canale oversees a student shoot
But before the clays begin to fly, there's a step or two of groundwork that need to be established first.

First you have to find your dominant eye. Left eye, right eye, it doesn't matter. Just put your hands up in the air, touch your thumbs and index fingers and slowly bring them back towards your face. By bringing that collaboration back to the skull, odds are that it'll end up over your dominant eye. Go on — give it a try.

Next is finding a shotgun. One that's comfortable to balance and hold. Hands in the right place, easy to move and ready to fire. Now let's go get some clays.

"A huge part of success in trap or skeet is staying in the gun," said Canale" Through the entire shot. And unlike rifle and pistol, you want to keep the gun moving.

"Ok, now, once again. When you clearly see the clay, you're going to bring that gun up, hit the trigger and break that target. All the while staying in the gun. Because if you do this (look up after pulling the trigger), this is what happens to a lot of novice shooters. They start breaking a few targets, great real excited and then lift their head to see the shot. That's when you miss."

Nodding their heads in agreement, the ladies appear ready to take on the course. Their confidence high, their lessons learned, the only question that remains is who goes first.

"Don't be bashful, someone's got to be first. Come on let's do it."

Steve Canale stands in front of the NRA Women on Target group running through the lesson.
Steve Canale stands in front of the Women on Target group running through the lesson.

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