By Kyle Jillson | May 29 2012 16:43
NRA National Junior Air Gun Championship & Training Summit

The National Junior Air Gun Championship will complete their transition from paper to to electronic target systems at this year's match on June 26-28, in Anniston, Alabama. Introduced during the 2011 championship in Ohio, electronic target systems have gained a wide range acceptance through the international shooting community.

The system featured at the Air Gun Championships is manufactured by the European-based company Megalink. Utilizing precise acoustic measurements to determine the exact locations of every shot, the target system instantly relays scores back to shooters, coaches and competitors alike.

"They use these electronic scoring systems at the NCAA Rifle Championships, they use them at the Olympic Games and now they will use them at Junior Air Gun Championships," said one NRA employee. "It's going to be a lot of fun."

As technology continues to improve, and demand is on the rise, there's a good chance that these systems will begin showing up at more ranges around the United States.

Shooters can read scores on their display screens as soon as they get their shot off

Electronic targets are also of great benefit to the spectators. Instead of waiting to discover the results at the end of a paper target match, they can follow the competition shot for shot thanks to the electronic readout. There's a hope that an increase in the use of electronic targets will produce an increase in the popularity of shooting sports.

Rotating between CMP South in Anniston and CMP North at Camp Perry, Ohio, the National Junior Air Gun Championship is open to all juniors shooting sporter or precision air rifle.

This is more than your ordinary a championship. There are training seminars on how to shoot for a college team for shooters, parents and coaches, conditioning, the grant system, equipment maintenance and more.

Electronic target display screen

You can view this year's program onlinefor the match schedule, course of fire, applications and additional information. Registration is also available online. Last but not least, the match's rules are located on the NRA Competitive Shooting website.

If you want to get even more shooting in, the match is sandwiched between the USA Shooting's 3P Junior Olympics sporter air rifle on June 23-25 and precision air rifle on June 29-July 1.


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