By Kyle Jillson | May 24 2012 07:35

NRA National Open Indoor Rifle Championships

The clock has started on this year's NRA National Open Indoor Rifle Championship challenge period. For all Open shooters waiting to see your scores — here's your chance to double check your results.

"We only have two weeks until these scores are official," said Sectional Program Coordinator Dian Bullock. "Competitors need to check them as soon as possible."

The Indoor Championships are comprised of Sectional Tournaments shot throughout the country. Starting on January 1, and running through March 18, the competitions are open to anyone except junior shooters ... they have their own championship after all.

The catch, if you even want to call it that, is the challenge period. Challenge periods for traditional matches generally run about two hours. That's plenty of time for shooters to meet with officials should there be any question regarding scores. As scores for the Open Indoor Rifle Championship are mailed from different locations at different times, the elongated challenge period is a necessity.

Back in April we told you how the scoring was coming along while waiting for the preliminary numbers to be released.

Well the scores are out. Shooters now have two weeks to check the numbers before everything becomes final. Time is ticking away. Check your results now.

In the past, officials here at the NRA mailed sectional results to participants. Now we can do it online. You'll find all the NRA National Open Indoor Rifle Championship scores here at their website.

It's extremely easy to compete in the NRA National Indoor Championships. If you didn't take part in this year's title hunt, then you'll have plenty of time to prepare for next year. To find out how to get in on the action, call Dian Bullock at (703) 267-1482 or email her at

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