By Kyle Jillson | May 22 2012 16:47

Sgt. Russ Henry, Sheriff Jim Ruth, Dillon Selby and his mom Debbie
Bradley County School Resource Officer Sgt. Russ Henry, Sheriff Jim Ruth, Dillon Selby and his mom Debbie.

Yesterday afternoon, Sheriff Jim Ruth presented Oak Grove Elementary School student Dillon Shelby an award for putting the lessons he learned from the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program to good use.

Here's more from the Bradley County Sheriff's Office:

Friday morning, May 18, fifth grade students were pouring onto the Oak Grove Elementary School playground when student Dillon Selby spotted a gun near the swing sets. He immediately yelled out to his classmates to "Stop," and get back. He called for a teacher who alerted school resource officer Jay Lawson.

An examination of the weapon showed it to be a .22 caliber magnum revolver, fully loaded.

Selby's reaction followed what he was taught earlier in the school year by Deputy Lawson in a presentation of the Eddie Eagle gun safety course for elementary school-age children, coordinated by the National Rifle Association. He followed the program's guidelines in 1,2,3 order to prevent injury to any students or teachers.

During awards night Sheriff Jim Ruth presented Selby with a certificate in recognition of his actions. In his remarks sheriff Ruth pointed out the situation could have been tragic if a younger student had found the gun and mistaken it for a toy.

As Sheriff Ruth told the Cleveland Daily Banner, “As a law enforcement agency, we depend on the training our deputies receive and programs such as NRA’s Eddie Eagle which helps them inform students about public safety.

“We are thankful this student had been through this program."

Thanks to Eddie's message of "STOP! Don't Touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult," more and more children across the country are avoiding dangerous situations. Thanks Eddie!

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