By Lars Dalseide | May 21 2012 17:10

Outdoor Channel completes National Firearms Museum shoot

Joe Mantegna at the NRA Museum's Petersen Gallery Fairfax, Virginia - On the final day of filming, the ragtag crew from Outdoor Channel's Gun Stories poured into the National Firearms Museum's Robert E. Petersen Gallery. Filled with four-hundred of the finest sporting arms in the world, the Petersen Gallery provided the perfect backdrop to this award winning show.

"It's been fun having them here," said Museum Director Jim Supica. "They've got a great show, a great host in Joe Mantegna and we're happy to be part of it."

Gun Stories follows a collection of firearms from invention through implementation. Each time gauging the impact every gun had on the battles and the people who put them to use. And for Mantegna, the job is practically a dream come true.

"People who know me well think hey, Joe finally found an avenue for his passion," said Mantegna. "This is a place (the National Firearms Museum) I've been wanting to go visit for the last twenty years. It exceeded all my expectations."

After a week's worth of shooting at a variety of locations throughout the museum, there was no better place to wrap up the week then the Robert E. Petersen Gallery. Home to the largest public display of Gatling guns, Hermann Göring's 303 Over-Under Merkel shotgun and exceptional examples from Purdey, Fabbri, Browning and Rizzini, the Petersen Gallery proved to be the perfect topper.

"Not many people leave this gallery disappointed," said Supica. "A few hours inside Petersen is worth the trip to Fairfax all by itself."


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