By Kyle Jillson | May 18 2012 07:28
A shooter tries out the NRA's Electronic Target system from ShotResonse on NRAblog

Tomorrow, May 19, in Gerrardstown, West Virginia, you can try out the electronic targets used in the Olympics at the Peacemaker National Training Center.

The event is a part of the NRA's effort to increase awareness of Electronic Target Systems and their use for recreational shooting.

NRA member or not, everyone is invited to break in new firearms, sight-in rifles, or get in some good 'ol practice on ShotResponse's state-of-the-art electronic target equipment.

Novice? You're invited. High Master? Still invited. Anybody is welcome and you'll even leave with a print-out of your target and score to show off.

Peacemaker National will also be holding a long range shooting demonstration by Aaron Davidson, host of "Long Range Pursuit," who will give pointers and take a few shots at 1,000 yards.

Interested? You can find out more about the program here on the NRA website. If you can't make it, all is not lost, the event is making its way across the country. There was one last August in Illinois and another is coming up this September 8, in Pennsylvania.

Interested in the specifics of the target system? Here goes:

ShotResponse's SIUS electronic target system

Portable Bullet Sensor (PBS) System Designed for the USAR Marksmanship Team the PBS offers SIUS superior technology in a portable, single-shooter set-up package.

SIUS PBS is a Portable Single Lane RF (wireless) Automatic Electronic Precision Target Scoring System. Any small arms firearms (from sub and super–sonic projectile firing weapons – 0.22 caliber, 9mm, 0.38 cal, 0.32 Cal, 0.45 cal, 5.56mm, and 7.62mm) can be used with the system.

The PBS system is an Acoustical Projectile Locating (detection) and reporting system for use where target/system portability and precision (accuracy) is desired. Accuracy is 1-2mm at the target center and 5-7mm at outer scoring zones.

The PBS system consists of a collapsible Precision Target with an RF (wireless) Battery Pack, a Target carrying/shipping case and a Shooter’s RF Wireless Control Unit/Monitor with a Weatherproof Backlit Keypad, Battery Pack, Carrying/ Shipping Case and a Laptop computer with interconnecting cables for downloading and printing of firing data.

There are 12 different Target Facings with Firing Exercise Software plus the Rifle Grouping/Zeroing Exercise.

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