By Lars Dalseide | May 15 2012 10:22

Joe Mantegna preparing to shoot the Outdoor Channel's Gun Stories at the National Firearms Museum
Actor Joe Mantegna shooting a segment of Gun Stories at the NRA.

Fairfax, Virginia - Joe Mantegna's first trip to the National Firearms Museum occurred almost a year ago today. Along with Michael Bane and the Outdoor Channel crew, he was here to shoot segments of the soon to be debuted television show Gun Stories. Fast forward eleven months and a couple of Golden Moose awards later, Joe and the crew are back at the NRA for season two.

"Today (Monday the 14th) we're going to start with the Thompson Machine Gun, the Garand and the Luger," said Director Tim Cremin. "Later in the week we'll move on to your Hollywood Guns exhibit and maybe get a look in the museum vault."

Officially known as MidwayUSA's Gun Stories, the show provides viewers with the history of a specific firearm "from the heart of the design through its use on the range." That means Mantegna and Cremins, along with Bane and company, are hopping from location to location in their quest to 1) find the right experts and 2) interview the with the firearm's designers/manufacturers.

Recent stops include Columbia, Missouri for interviews with experts at MidwayUSA and Paulden, Arizona to put the particular firearms to the test at the famed Gunsite Academy.

Now I don't know about you, but high up on my list of manufacturers to visit would be Kalashnikov and Beretta. The first because I've always had a fascination with Russia and the second because, well, who wouldn't want to spend a few weeks in Italy during the summer?

Joe Mantegna on the monitor for the Outdoor Channel's Gun Stories at the National Firearms Museum


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