By Lars Dalseide | May 12 2012 16:43

Ladies learn the basics of firearm safety and shooting

Ladies disperse after a group picture at the Centreville Women on Target clinic

Centreville, Virginia - Today's NRA Women On Target® Clinic had a little bit of everything. That's everything from rifles to pistols to shotguns and archery for participants to try. Some were seasoned shooters while others were seasoned veterans. Either way, there were plenty of grins to go around.

"We have a lot of happy customers here today," laughed Clinic Director Pam Meara. "The classes, the clinics — everyone appears to be having a wonderful time."

lining up the Wall Gun at the Centreville Women on Target clinic

One of the more popular stops along the way was for the Wall Gun. A revolutionary war relic (this one was a reproduction of course), the Wall Gun stood over six feet tall and shoots a four-ounce ball.

Firing a .22 pistol at the Centreville Women on Target clinic

Some shooters started small. A first-timer, this young lady began blasting at targets with a .22 caliber pistol before moving on to the rifles and shotguns.

Being fitted for shotguns at the Centreville Women on Target clinic

Under the watchful eye of shotgun guru Steve Canale, the ladies first figured out their dominant eye, were "fitted" for a shotgun, fired at clays on the ground and were set loose on the Trap Course.

For more on the individual classes and clinics, check back with NRAblog throughout the week. There's a lot more to come.

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