By Kerrin Brinkman | May 7 2012 07:39

Annette models clothing from Prois Hunting Apparel Park City, Kentucky - For many women, finding comfortable and stylish clothing for hunting and shooting can be quite a challenge. Long ago, most of us have settled for wearing men's hunting apparel — leaving much to be desired in fit and function. Saturday night at the Women's Outdoor Adventure, ladies were treated to a special fashion show featuring designs from the industry's top brands.

Prois Hunting Apparel hit the runway first. Modeled by WOA personnel, the gear was a hit thanks to the camp patterns, flattering fit and comfort creating effectiveness. Prois representative Hayden was on hand to provide details on the female-focused garments and gear; each designed to withstand and overcome the rain, cold and snow.

Switching gears, the models appeared next in a beautiful collection of clothing from Good Shot Design. Aimed at providing females with the best in quality and style, the tweed-based outfits from Good Shot Design are made specifically to go straight from the field to the office. Daryl, our man from Good Shot, made sure to highlight the attention put into each piece ... from the trim to the satin lining.

Every look was paired with matching jewelry from The Elegant Huntress. Handcrafted by owner/creator Carol Smeltzer, each piece is a one-of-a-kind treasure designed to match the colors of your camouflage. Whether hunting in the woods, on the prairie, in the snow or in the mountains, jewelry from Elegant Huntress ensures you'll look good no matter what the attire.

So remember, ladies - there are designers out there making hunting and shooting apparel (and accessories) with you in mind. It's time to stop settling for the also rans and start thinking about the manufacturers who are thinking about you.

To see more of the dazzling items that wowed the crowd, check out the fashion show slideshow after the jump.

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