By Kerrin Brinkman | May 5 2012 16:09
The ladies line up in Cowboy Town for the Show n' Shoot

Park City, Kentucky - The Women's Outdoor Adventure got a little wild this afternoon as the ladies headed to Cowboy Town at the Rockcastle Shooting Center. Set with store fronts modeled after the Old West, the range used for cowboy action shooting at Rockcastle transformed into one long firing line as the women got to shoot a wide variety of firearms during the Show n' Shoot.

From Blaser high-power rifles to Smith & Wesson revolvers, and Henry lever-action rifles, the ladies spent the afternoon rotating between firearms. They also enjoyed a special treat - being able to shoot guns used in competition by their instructors including Annette Ayers Smith & Wesson revolvers, Debbie Keehart's custom pistols, and Kay Miculek's Smith & Wesson rifle.

Since they were taking a step back into the Old West, many of the women dressed for the occasion, complete with western hats, boots, and bandanas. That's not the only fashion the ladies will enjoy today. Tonight they'll be donning hats to watch the Kentucky Derby and then watching a fashion show of hunting apparel from Prois and Good Shot Design.

We've got all that and more coming up, so keep checking back for more from the first Women's Outdoor Adventure.


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