By Kerrin Brinkman | May 3 2012 07:35

WOA participant Deb shoots on the move with her rifle

Park City, Kentucky - For the participants of the Women's Outdoor Adventure, yesterday was spent on the range learning to shoot different guns. The ladies of Group C spent the afternoon on the rifle range, where I caught up with them as they learned to shoot on the move. 

The women began the course of fire by shooting at two paper targets before moving around stacked barrels to three more targets. As they shot the three middle targets, they were encouraged to move as they shot, combining accuracy with speed.

Instructors Kay Clark Miculek, Judy Woolley and Dianna Lierdorff used their vast experience as competitive shooters to teach the ladies advanced techniques, including how to choose which of the middle targets to engage first.

As they moved from right to left, Miculek told the women that shooting the middle target furthest to their right first and working towards the left would be the fastest and easiest way to shoot the course of fire. 

"When you come around the barrel, you see that target first," explained Miculek. "Then you move on to the other two targets as you keep moving."

As she demonstrated the movement of shooting the three middle targets from right to left, Miculek told the group, "It's much easier to unwind than it is to wind up as you're moving." 

This afternoon, the ladies will take to the range to learn to shoot the last of their three guns. Group A will head to the rifle range , Group B will take on shotguns and Group C will wrap up with pistol shooting.  Tomorrow, they'll put all three guns to work as they try their hand at 3-gun competition. 

Be sure to check back, because we'll have more photos from the range as well as a look at this morning's outdoor activities: a zip-line tour and horseback riding! 

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