By Kerrin Brinkman | May 3 2012 15:05

A group from the Women's Outdoor Adventure during the zip-line tour

Park City, Kentucky - Since we’ve been here in Kentucky for the Women’s Outdoor Adventure, the women have spent plenty of time shooting. But this morning was all about enjoying the great outdoors. The ladies headed down the road to Mammoth Cave Adventures where they split up into groups to either go horseback riding or on a zip-line canopy tour.

First up was zip-lining, so the ladies got fitted with harnesses and helmets before heading off into the woods. The zip-line tour included five different zip-lines, which connect to platforms attached to trees, high above the ground.

Women's Outdoor Adventure participant Mary whizzes down the zip-line

The highest zip-line is 86 feet off the ground, over 900 feet long, and lets riders reach speeds of over 40 miles per hour.

Although several ladies were afraid of heights, they faced their fears, hurtling down the lines to the next platform. Between lines, participants had to climb or descend ladders to move between platforms and on to the next line.

To help gain speed on longer lines, the women had to tuck themselves into a cannonball shape, while on other lines they could zip freely.

“Now THIS is what they mean when they say Women’s Outdoor Adventure!” exclaimed one participant.

We’ll have more photos of the zip-line tour later, along with coverage on the horseback riding as well. For now, the ladies are back on out the range. Keep checking back, because we’ve still got several days left of the Women’s Outdoor Adventure.

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