By Kerrin Brinkman | May 2 2012 10:34
Participants get their food during a special Cave Dinner

Park City, Kentucky - For many people, dining al fresco means having dinner on their deck or perhaps on the patio of their favorite restaurant. But for the participants of the very first NRA Women's Outdoor Adventure, it meant dining near the mouth of a cave. 

The chef of Park Mammoth Resort prepared a delicious dinner for the women and while they dined, owner Nick Noble spoke to the them about the history of the caves.  

"You're sitting in front of two different caves. Although they are only 20 yards apart, they don't connect," Noble explained.  

Fun and friendship at the Cave Dinner during the Women's Outdoor Adventure

The first cave, known as Slave Cave, was part of the Underground Railroad. The second larger cave is called the Jesse James Cave and legend has it that the outlaw hid in the cave after he robbed a bank in what is now Park City.

The grounds of Park Mammoth Resort and the Rockcastle Shooting Center are home to over 60 caves, some of which have been mapped to over 35 miles of passages.

Another well-known cave on the property is known as the Cooling Cave because it constantly releases air that is approximately 56 degrees. After yesterday's Sporting Clays in the hot sun, the ladies were happy to sit at the edge of the Cooling Cave and enjoy the cool air rising from the earth.

The shooting activities resumed this morning, so stay tuned for more photos and coverage of the Women's Outdoor Adventure! 

The ladies enjoy the cool air coming from the Cooling Cave
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