By Kerrin Brinkman | May 2 2012 16:42

WOA participant Raquel sets her sights on the rifle range

Parck City, Kentucky - Earlier we took at look at the Group A "Alphas" pistol shooting that took place this morning at the Women's Outdoor Adventure, but just a few birms away, the ladies of Group B were rockin' their rifles. Led by champion shooter Kay Clark Miculek along with instructors Dianna Lierdorff and Judy Woolley, the ladies shot .22 caliber Smith & Wesson AR-15-platform rifles. 

In addition to learning marksmanship skills with each firearm, participants of the Women's Outdoor Adventure are also getting a chance to receive individual instruction from some of the shooting industry top competitors, including Miculek, Lierdorff, and Woolley. 

From stance, to shooting cadence, trigger control and moving from target to target, the group is preparing to use their rifles during the 3-Gun Experience later in the week, where they will get a taste of competition using pistols, shotguns, and rifles.  

Even though temperatures are climbing to record highs, the women are enjoying learning new skills and shooting alongside a group of new friends.  

"It's so much fun!" said Raquel, a first-time shooter pictured above.  

We'll have more photos of the ladies shooting in the morning, so stay tuned for more from the Women's Outdoor Adventure.  

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