By Kerrin Brinkman | May 1 2012 17:05
Taking aim at sporting clays during NRA's Women's Outdoor Adventure

Park City, Kentucky - Today was all about high-fives and cheers of encouragement as the ladies took to the range for the first time at the Women's Outdoor Adventure. After this morning's safety briefing and firearms orientation, the women were itching to start shooting. On the agenda this afternoon was several rounds of sporting clays and 5-stand.

Each shooter was paired with their own instructor and they took turns disintegrating clay targets as they flew through the air. Once they had mastered the basics, lead instructor Elizabeth Lanier decided to have a little fun with the shooters.

Heather, an NRA WOA participant, is congratulated by lead instructor Elizabeth Lanier

"You all are shooting so well, let's play a little game!" exclaimed Lanier, who had the shooters call for a clay and take a shot. If they missed, the lady at the next station had the opportunity to take a shot at their target. By the end of the afternoon, the ground was covered in empty shot shells and littered with pieces of broken clays. 

"Who did better than they thought they would?" asked Lanier. Let's just say that hands shot up in the air as fast as the clays were breaking. 

"I didn't think I liked shotgun shooting, but that was really fun and now I'm hooked!" exclaimed one participant.

The shooting has wrapped up for they day, but tomorrow brings much more time on the range with pistols, rifles, and more shotgun shooting as the ladies break into their groups. More coverage of the Women's Outdoor Adventure is on the way, so keep checking back! 

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