By Kyle Jillson | May 1 2012 10:29
NRA's Alice Allgood Cooper Trophy for the Indoor Championships

While waiting for the results of this year's NRA National Indoor Championships to be processed, we thought it was time to take a closer look at another one of its trophies.

Originally, back in 1939, there were two Alice Allgood Cooper trophies.

Then-NRA Director Mark Cooper of Rome, Georgia donated identical plaques to the National Rifle Association in memory of his mother ... from whence the awards received their name.

The trophies were mounted on mahogany and cast in bronze and gold. The two were immediately put into use in the same match, being awarded to the High Juniors in age groups 12-18 and below 15 after 10 shots in each of the four positions (prone, standing, kneeling and sitting) at 50 feet with metallic sights.

Unfortunately, after only a single year of use, one of the trophies turned up missing. Despite their best efforts, only the 12-18 trophy could be located.

In 1958 the trophy's conditions changed and it was then awarded to the winner of two Junior and Tyro Schools conducted at the National Matches at Camp Perry.

The following year its conditions were again changed, slightly this time, to go to the winner of Camp Perry's Junior and Tyro School Match of 20 shots at 50 feet in the prone position.

After four years the trophy was removed from the Junior and Tyro School Match and taken out of competition in 1963. It was brought back, however, in 1979 for the NRA National Junior Indoor Rifle Championships, where it has remained since. The trophy is now awarded to the winning Sub-Junior Team after 10 shots at 50 feet in each of the four positions.

The whereabouts of the other Alice Allgood Cooper trophy remain a mystery to this day. 

Last year's winners of the Alice Allgood Cooper trophy were the Palmyra Sprouts who took it with a 1457-49x. The Palmyra Sprouts are Mitchell, Kleinfelter, Caleb Lloyd, Jessica Smith and Kyle Ordille.

Who will win the trophy this year? We'll know in a month when the results for the National Indoor Championships are released. 

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