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Chris Reed, Top Shot from Season 2, helps high school friend

Raffling off an “Outlaw Custom" .308 Sniper Rifle

Top Shot's Chris Reed is raffling of a .308 rifle

Everyone’s heard the local boy makes good story. Unfortunately for most, it usually ends with the boy forgetting his friends and leaving town. That’s not the case with Mississippi’s Chris Reed.

After winning the Season 2 of History Channel’s Top Shot, Reed has basically stayed the same. Sure there was a little more excitement when he arrived at the grocery store (that’s tapered off some since), but the essence of the man remains intact. Nothing brings that more to light then his devotion to high school friend Michael Spellman.

Michael was the youngest quarterback in the history of Mississippi to win a State High School Championship. Since then he found himself a wife, started a family and served his community as a Chief Deputy. He was also diagnosed with cancer. That’s where Reed came into play.

Chris Reed, from Top Shot, is raising funds for a friend's cancer treatment

“Just doing what I can for a buddy of mine.”

Knowing the costs to treat such a disease can be astronomical, Reed decided to use his celebrity to help raise funds for the treatment. Asked to sign a gun for auction, he came up with a better idea.

“I said how about I build a rifle, we can sell tickets, hold a drawing, put this Top Shot title to some good use.”

First on his list was Mcree’s Precision.

“Two hours after I placed the call, he had the stock built, had it custom engraved and emailed me the tracking number,” said Reed. “Got to hand it to Scott, he really came through.”

Remembering his conversations with Top Shot competitor George Reinas, Reed then turned to Nightforce Scopes. A couple of calls later and a 5.5-22x50 NXS was on it’s way.

“Then a local gun shop in town gave us a pretty good deal on a Remington 700 SPS Tactical. We put it all together, probably about a $5,000 rig, and here it is.”

Shooting for a cure with Top Shot Chris Reed

What they have is one hell of a custom built rifle. With “Shoot for a Cure” engraved on the side, this impressive piece of engineering is up for grabs. Just go to and purchase an chance. Or, if you’d just like to donate to the cause, they have a link for that too.

“We’ve been talking to a couple of different places, the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and the Tug McGraw Foundation and they’ve been great,” said Reed. “Everyone's pitching in, Michael has started treatment and we all got high hopes. Just another example of good people, gun owners, being in it for the good fight.“

Chris is taking the gun on the road! In addition to bringing it to the NRA Convention in St. Louis, he’ll also have it at the Carroll Academy Gym on May 12th, the Tug McGraw Foundation’s Celebrity Shootout on June 5th and more. Just check out their website for additional information.

Chris Reed with the sniper rifle he's raffling to raise money for a friend


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