By Lars Dalseide | April 27 2012 17:22

Smith & Wesson shooter Julie Golob signing pictures at the NRA Convention in St. Louis.

St. Louis, Missouri - If you're every having a discussion about the best female shooters in the world, then you better throw Bianchi Cup regular Julie Golob into the mix. The Reader's Digest resume reads 15 World Championships, 22 National titles and more than 100 titles in State, Regional and International Competitions. For some people that'd be more then enough. Not Julie.

In addition to achieving the ranks of world class shooter, she's also a mom – and now – an author. Title Shoot: Your guide to Shooting and Competition, it covers her tips, techniques and an explanation of all the gun lingo a newbie (or noob) needs to know.

"The number one questions I get in emails, tweets or in person is how do I get started," Golob explained. "They're so confused by the acronyms involved with shooting sports. There's so many out there. I was approached to write the book and thought I'd be able to provide a great primer to handle it all in one place."

And why not? Why not go to a respected, accomplished shooter to show the uninitiated where to begin? It's not as if she has a packed shooting schedule and a daughter to raise. But probably the most difficult challenge was figuring out where to start.

"The challenging part was undertaking the research, aka reading the rulebooks, to get it started," she smiled. "They aren't exactly popcorn eating page turners."

Spending a better part of six months on the project, she ultimately came up with a comprehensive, well received guide for novices and veterans alike. American Handgunner called it "a delight to read and a must-have addition to any shooter’s library” — not bad.

"It's a process," said Golob. "I wrote a lot, set it down, thought of something to add or something to change and try to figure out how to organize it all. It was a lot harder then I'd thought it'd be."

Now in it's second printing, Shoot can be found everywhere from Amazon to Barnes & Noble to iTunes. A heck of an accomplishment for the youngster who got her start hunting with Dad in upstate New York.

With her new found success in the literary world, it begs the question – are we going to see more from Julie the author?

"Maybe," she said with a chuckle. "I was fortunate that our winter in Montana was quite severe that year ... it allowed me to concentrate on the writing. I couldn't go out and shoot because there was six feet of snow at my front door. It would have been tough to finish if we weren't snowbound."

So for those of you waiting for a second Golob softcover, pray for snow.

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