By Lars Dalseide | April 23 2012 10:33

Top Shot Gabby Franco, Iain Harrison, Greg Littlejohn and Chris Reed at the NRA Convention

St. Louis, Missouri - There were more than 73,000 faces dotting the landscape of the 2012 NRA Convention. Inside the America's Center Convention Complex were NRA members, hundreds of vendors and dozens of shooting stars. Some of those stars, as fate would have it, were from the History Channel blockbuster Top Shot.

From left to right, we have Gabby Franco from Season 4, Iain Harrison from Season 1, Gregory Littlejohn from Season 4 and Chris Reed from Season 2. Iain and Chris, as most of you will remember, won the competition during their respective seasons. And while Littlejohn still has a chance for Season 4, ((spoiler alert - spoiler alert)) Gabby was eliminated just before the convention kicked off.

Each were there for their own particular reasons. Iain works for Crimson Trace and was in St. Louis to talk about some of their new green lasers. Chris made appearances for vendors such as Bass Pro Shops and spoke of projects in the works. As for Gabby and Greg, well, they're still a little new to the game so they were busy shaking hands, posing for pictures and talking to potential sponsors as they ready for the post-Top Shot life.

We were able to talk to most of these competitors during our St. Louis stay. Those pieces will pop up here over the next few weeks. Just don't expect it all at once ... there's a lot of material and a lot of Top Shot to share here on NRAblog.


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