By Lars Dalseide | April 23 2012 17:04

Teddy Roosevelt's 1886 Winchester at the NRA National Firearms Museum
NRA's Phil Schreier holding President Theodore Roosevelt's 1886 Winchester Rifle.

Fairfax, Virginia - That man is Phil Schreier, Senior Curator for the National Firearms Museum. He's smiling like the cat who swallowed the canary because he's holding a piece of history there — an 1886 Winchester rifle once owned by Teddy Roosevelt. Just a small taste of what you're going to see over the next few weeks on Curator's Corner.

When the National Parks Service decided it was time to renovate Sagamore Hill — the Roosevelt family home turned historic landmark — they started divvying the contents of the main house. We're talking clothes, statues, flags, animal hides, paintings, furniture and firearms. Each piece needed a safe, stable environment in which to rest. Part of that collection ended up here.

Before we put it all under glass (well, actually, it will all end up behind glass), we thought we would share what we could with the faithful listeners of NRANews. So, carving out a good part of the day, we had Executive Producer John Popp and my old colleague Dennis pop on over to film a few famed Curator's Corner episodes.

Over the next few months, Cam & Company will be broadcasting shows featuring that Winchester, a Remington, lions, hippos, Rough Rider gear and more.

Though I did my best to scribble down Phil's description of each and every piece, there was much to much to be recorded in one single setting. Unfortunately, that means I'll have to go back to the collection, take a few gigs worth of pictures and start building my own anthology of Roosevelt memorabilia for NRAblog.

The sacrifices we all have to make in the name of history.

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