By Kyle Jillson | April 22 2012 13:40
The Alice D. Molt Trophy

The NRA National Indoor Smallbore Rifle Championships Sectional Tournaments for 2012 were completed earlier this week. While we wait for those results to be compiled and released, we thought we'd tell you a little about one of the awards these competitors are shooting for: the Alice D. Molt Trophy.

The Alice D. Molt Trophy is a sterling loving cup. It was presented to the National Rifle Association back in 1966 by famed smallbore shooter Fred Molt. The name, as one might guess, is in memory of his wife. Mrs. Molt was a well known high power and smallbore rifle competitor who competed in tournaments throughout the Albany, Chicago, Asheville areas. She was Secretary of the North Carolina R&P Association for many years.

Originally the trophy was awarded annually to the high scoring junior female in the NRA Sectional-National Indoor Championships. The Alice D. Molt trophy, however, was removed from competition in 1977. Four years later, it was reinstated. Now, the trophy is annually awarded to the high scoring Junior in the NRA Sectional-National Indoor 3-Position Championships.

3-Position's course of fire is the standard aggregate of 20 shots in each position: prone, standing, and kneeling; 50 feet with metallic sights on the A-36 target.

Last year the Alice D. Molt went to Danny Lowe thanks to his score of 584. The trophy's highest score was shot by Joshua Albright in 2005, who managed a 594 on the range.

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