By Lars Dalseide | April 20 2012 15:05

Finding Wisconsin's Fate of Destinee on the NRA Convention floor

Gun Blogger Destinee
Gun Blogger Destinee at the NRA Convention in St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri - "Some girls have purses, some girls have shoes, I have guns. That's what I like."

That's how we were introduced to the vlogger known as Destinee. The twenty-some year old Pre-Med student from Wisconsin has experienced a bit of a stir on the world wide web as of late. What started as a method of sharing training tips with her friends has practically turned into a new career.

"I started everything with a YouTube Channel and the FateofDestinee blog," she explained. "I do guns, gear and fitness with a twist. Soon it grew to the point where I have a lot of followers on Facebook, Twitter and I'm writing for people like Truth about Guns and SOFREP. It's been a wonderful experience."

While at the NRA Convention, Destinee and her videographer (also known as Dad) made their way from booth to booth to find the latest in guns and gear for their ever growing list followers. Stopping by Smith & Wesson, ArmaLite and Benchmade while meeting shooting celebs such as Chris Cerino, Julie Golob and Tori Nonaka should satisfy most of their appetites ... something Destinee is also familiar with.

"I make sandwiches for a living," she laughed. "Helps pay the range fees while I'm in school."

Finding her own Destiny

Pre-Med wasn't always the choice. Then again, not many of us ever go into a profession that reflects our initial major. So what was it that inspired the turn?

"I went to the Gunther von Hagens Bodyworlds ... it was life changing," Destinee said. "I thought why would I spend any other time perusing any other field? The goal now is to become a heart surgeon. That means I have four years (of college) under my belt with two more before I get my undergrad, but I'm plugging away."

Thanks to a little help from her family, that plugging will eventually pay off. And no matter where she ultimately lands, you can bet there will be a collection of firearms close at hand.

"The only two things I can talk all day about are biology and firearms. Between the videos and the writing and researching and the shooting, I probably put in about 40 hours a week working on gun stuff. They are a big part of my life. My Mom and Dad were in the military and my brother still is.

"There is a wonderful community that revolves around firearms that I never knew existed. I absolutely love it."

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