By Lars Dalseide | April 18 2012 16:44

Top Shot Kyle Sumpter readies to rappel on SWAT Throwdown
Kyle Sumpter readies to rappel on Top Shot - photo courtesy of History

There was a let down Tuesday night on Top Shot. In successive weeks, NRAblog advisers Terry Vaughan and NRA Certified Instructor Gabby Franco were eliminated from the top rated History Channel program. Watching the show now is always like a Redskins fan (which I am) watching the NFL playoffs. Thankfully … there's still a couple of Tom Bradys and Joe Montanas in the mix. So here we go.

With a holstered FN Five-SeveN pistol at the ready, the remaining men rappelled down a thirty-foot structure. Stopping three times along the way, they approached a firing position, loaded the provided magazines, shot three targets and unloaded. With two firing positions located on each of the three levels, competitors were also required to unload before moving from one position to the other.

"It was pretty difficult for me," Top Shot contestant Chee Kwan said during the show. "I suck with ropes."

Top Shot competitor Augie Malekovich on the move during SWAT Throwdown
Augie moves from platform to platform - photo courtesy of History

Everyone had a touch of trouble with the task at hand. Littlejohn forgot an unload , Kwan ate the wall rather then rappel from it and Sumpter needed an extra tap-rack to get the magazine in place. On the last three runs, Shank ate the wall AND forgot an unload, Malekovich had a slip during the initial rappel and Chris ran a blazing, perfect, first place finishing run.

The time trials put Littlejohn, Kwan and Shank up for nomination. Littlejohn, the lucky soul, seemed to be set for his fourth run through an elimination challenge. It was almost comical.

"That's not a goal of mine," Littlejohn told the camera. "I wasn't scared of going a fourth. I don't want to go, but I'm not scared."

Taking a cue from Terry Vaughan, Kwan asked to be nominated for elimination. As each participant fired upon the nomination targets, competitors gave Kwan his wish and sent Shank along with him. And just to mix it up … there were two guns thrown into the elimination mix.

Using a Mossberg 500 Chainsaw Shotgun and an FN FS2000 rifle, the two would breach a door with the Mossberg and hit three targets with the FS2000.

Top Shot's Gary Shank burns through SWAT Throwdown
Gary Shank with the FS2000 during elimination - photo courtesy of History

While Shank didn't appear to moving all that fast, Kwan did appear to moving all that slow. To add to his troubles, Kwan failed to achieve a breech on the final door while Shank shot everything clean. Sure enough, Kwan was gone.

"I knew in the back of my mind that if Chee was going to beat me then he'd have to put up a heck of a number," Gary said at the end. "I had a very clean, smooth run."

Now we're down to the final five. Where we go from here no one knows. The perennial favorite is changing about as frequently as an Oklahoma wind. We'll have a better understanding next week as they pare down to the final four.

That, if nothing else, should bring back some of the action. That and the armored personnel carrier they're lugging out for next week.

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