By Lars Dalseide | April 14 2012 09:04

NRA Wall of Guns ShirtSt. Louis, Missouri - Day two at the NRA Convention in St. Louis is even more packed then the first. But if you're looking where to get started, thing about:

  1. Just outside of the NRA booth in the main hall is the Wall of Guns. Seventy of some of the finest firearms to be found this side of I-70. All it takes is $20 and you have a one in one hundred chance of making one of those beauties your very own.
  2. The Annual Meeting of Members is one of the most important events at every NRA Convention. That's when you'll hear from Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, General Operations Executive Director Kayne Robinson, NRA President David Keene and countless more of NRA's Leadership team.
  3. If you've Man's Best Friend is also your hunting buddy then the Dog Obedience 101 is the seminar for you. Join Cabela's retriever specialist John Amico of Deep Fork Retrievers for an information-packed seminar on hunting retriever training.
  4. The afternoon schedule of book signings is regular NRA member's delight. Starting at 11, you'll see a line up that includes former Ohio Sec. Ken Blackwell, Lt. Colonel Oliver North, Ted Nugent and tonight's keynote speaker Glenn Beck.
  5. Have you been to the NRA Store yet? Hundreds of deals on all sorts of NRA paraphernalia ranging from hats to jackets to glasses and rugs. If you can think of it, odds are that they have what you're looking for at the NRA Store.
  6. While you're here, why not treat yourself a little more and learn about booking the hunt of a lifetime. Our experts will teach you about Big Game drawings, how to apply for tags and what else to look out for when hunting in the American West.
  7. Wrap up your night with the Celebration of American Values Freedom Experience. Along with a smattering of speech from NRA leaders and supporters who depend on the Second Amendment every day of their life, there'll be an opening act by Larry the Cable Guy followed by the always insightful Glenn Beck.

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