By Kyle Jillson | April 13 2012 16:23

NRA's Jim Supica and Phil Schreier sign copies of their book at Annual Meeting

St. Louis, Missouri – The book signings at this year's NRA Convention feature quite a few big names. Glenn Beck, Ted Nugent, Bobby Jindal and Oliver North are some of the authors who will sit down to autograph their most recent works for fans here in St. Louis. 

This afternoon, the NRA had a couple of its own celebrities take up temporary residence at the book signing table. Our very own Jim Supica, Director of the National Firearms Museum, and Senior Curator Phil Schreier, are co-authors of The Illustrated History of Firearms, a book that brings the men's encyclopedic knowledge of firearms to bear.

Managing the National Firearms Museum's collection of more than 6,000 pieces, Jim Supica, Philip Schreier, along with Senior Curator Doug Wicklund, came together to pen a book that is not quite tome-sized, but undoubtedly contains more knowledge than many larger volumes. Complete with illustrations, this hardcover book moves from muskets to machine guns; dueling pistols to Glocks and derringers to elephant guns.

The Illustrated History of Firearms

"Compiling this book was a great learning experience for each of us," said Supica. "I'm almost convinced that, between the three of us, there isn't a morsel of firearms history we don't know."

Jim and Phil conversed with fellow gun collectors and still showed hints of green when it came to their recent "stardom" as fans stepped up for personalized autographs.

NRA's National Firearms Museum staff sign The Illustrated History of Firearms at Annual Meeting

If you consider yourself a firearms collector in any capacity, then this book is a must-have. You're sure to learn more than you already know once you make your way between its covers.

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