By Lars Dalseide | April 10 2012 22:19

We'll be skipping this week's rundown of Top Shot on History as we head off for the Annual Meeting in St. Louis. With that in mind, here are five quick thoughts on tonight's episode of Top Shot:

Top Shot's Gabby Franco and William Bethards
Gabby Franco and William Bethards are eliminated in round nine and ten of Top Shot Season 4 - photo courtesy of History Channel.

  1. Interesting to see that Gabby Franco and Chee Kwan were flirting at the top of the show. A little foreshadowing perhaps? Would they pull such stunt? (The producers, that is.)
  2. Season 2's George Reinas and Season 1's Kelly Bachand returned as experts. Good to see the alum continue to make appearances on the show. Maybe a spinoff in the works?
  3. Gabby was great during the practice. Unfortunately, practice was at 750 yards. When moved to the challenge round, they also moved the target to 1,500 yards. Unfortunately, Gabby couldn't turn the practice magic into challenge magic. Translation … no more Gabby.
  4. Before the nomination round, the competitors agreed to vote for Chris and Kyle. William, however, decided to call out other shooters for what he referred to as taking it safe. That was too much for Chris Cheng as went against the grain and voted for William. In the end, William went with Cheng to elimination.
  5. One of the closest finishes in recent memory. Cheng struggled early and rallied late. In the end, it was his decision to not fully reload the 1860 Henry rifle that made the difference and secured the win.
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