By Kerrin Brinkman | April 6 2012 07:39

 The Cartridge Comparison Guide Fairfax, Virginia - The Cartridge Comparison Guide, the ultimate hunting and ballistics manual, will now donate a portion of the proceeds of the sales to the NRA Foundation's Firearms and Markmanship Training Endowment.

Known to be the most informative and comprehensive book written on cartridge comparison, the Guide is recommended to everyone in the shooting industry by the NRA Training Department. Here's a portion of the guide's description from the Cartridge Comparison website:

The Guide compares every factory available cartridge from the 17 calibers up to the 50 caliber cartridges. It compiles cartridge data from all major ammunition manufacturers such as Hornady, Nosler, Barnes, Swift, Norma, Sierra, Weatherby, Winchester, Remington, and Federal.

It shows the optimal velocity achieved for each bullet weight and calculates bullet energy, recoil, and powder efficiency.

By using the data, discussions, and graphics presented in this manual, every reader can compare any cartridge against any other based on caliber, bullet weight, velocity, energy, recoil, or an other comparative factor.

Also available for an NRA Training discount is the American Standard Bullet Poster. Featuring actual size images of over 200 Rifle, Handgun, and Shotgun loads. This guide and poster are both great training tools that NRA Certified Instructors can utilize as part of their lesson.

To take advantage of this discount, please go to

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