By Lars Dalseide | April 6 2012 10:46

NRA's Eddie Eagle teaches firearm accident prevention to pre-k through 3rd grade students

NRA's Eddie Eagle on NRAblog In the week leading up to every NRA Annual Meeting, the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program visits area schools to spread his lifesaving message of; "Stop, Don't Touch, Leave the Area, and Tell an adult". He'll be doing it again starting Monday right there in St. Louis, Missouri.

“The Bellefontaine Neighbors Police Department is helping us bring Eddie Eagle to the local elementary schools,” said Eddie Eagle Program Manager Eric Lipp. “We’re always happy to work with local law enforcement when it comes to teaching children firearm accident prevention.”

From Monday through Wednesday, Lipp and his crew will make their way to six St. Louis area schools to spread the word. And as luck would have it, NRAblog will be there to witness a few of these presentation in person.

If you'd like to learn how to bring Eddie Eagle to your neighborhood, visit their website or give them a call at (800) 231-0752.

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