By Lars Dalseide | April 3 2012 22:09

The rundown for this week's episode of Top Shot on History will be on the blog tomorrow afternoon. For now, here are five quick thoughts on tonight's episode of Top Shot:

Top Shot's Terry Vaughan
London's Terry Vaughan is eliminated in round eight of Top Shot Season 4 - photo courtesy of History Channel.

  1. Gabby Franco had a difficult time shooting the Webley Mark Vi in double action. Blue Team, unaware of her difficulties, sat her out. Talk about dodging a bullet there.
  2. Host Colby Donaldson assumed that Terry Vaughan would have an easier time with the Webley because it was a British firearm. Terry, unfortunately, never even heard of the pistol.
  3. During the Challenge, Blue Team's Augie and William performed the worst while Terry and Greg did the best. So who did they nominate for elimination? Terry and Greg. And you wonder why they're losing the red.
  4. Top Shot brought back season one winner Iain Harrison to serve as expert on the firearms used. Best part was the the British phrases he kept throwing out.
  5. Elimination round was a "Mad Minute" with a Lee-Enfield 303 bolt action rifle. The idea of getting on target, firing, bring back that bolt and doing it again looked almost as painful as it sounded. Greg ended up squeezing out his third elimination round victory.


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