By Kyle Jillson | April 1 2012 15:50

San Antonio, Texas - All scores are in. American Trap is almost done. The only remaining part of the day is shoot-offs. As the challenge period ticks by, the shooters about to step back on to the field are relaxing in the shade, preparing themselves for the last event; some even squeezing in homework.

In the men's championship, Fort Hays State's Damian Giles shrugged off the competition and shot a perfect 100 this afternoon to win the Men's American Trap Championship. Behind him, teammate Travis Crist joined the four Lindenwood 99s creating a five-way tie. These five shooters will soon shoot-off for second and third instead of first - thanks a lot, Damian.

There was only one perfect score among the ladies as well, as Rachel Hopkins maintained her first place claim and the Women's American Trap Championship. Fort Hays shooters Katie Svodoba and Ashley Nau edged out the 97s with a pair of 98s and will go head-to-head shortly to sort out second and third place.

Lindenwood completed their sweep of this year's Division I team championships as Texas A&M's scores came in 14 points shy of Lindenwood One's 486.

In Division II, Fort Hays State hopped George Mason by eight points, taking the title with a 489. The University of Arizona was also bumped from the #1 spot, falling by four to Clemson, who took the Division III championship with a 449.

Pre-shoot-out scores below:

Men's American Trap
1 Damian Giles Fort Hays State 100
2 Zach Nannini Lindenwood 99
3 Logan Napoli Lindenwood 99
Travis Crist Fort Hays State 99
5 Casey Van Sant Lindenwood 99
6 Nick Boerboon Lindenwood 99
7 Brendan Appel Lindenwood 98
8 Brian Burrows Colorado-Colorado Springs 98
9 Tye Smith Fort Hays 98
10 Collin White Tennessee-Martin 98

Women's American Trap
1 Rachel Hopkins Lindenwood 100
2 Katie Svodoba Fort Hays State 98
3 Ashley Nau Fort Hays State 98
Lauren Mueller Lindenwood 97
5 Kendall Hostler Fort Hays State 97
6 Sarah Hughes Lindenwood 97
7 Mary Love George Mason 96
8 Jessica Waylan Tennessee-Platteville 96
9 Drucilla Meier Schreiner 95
10 Morgan Craft Lindenwood 95

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