By Lars Dalseide | March 27 2012 13:49

NRA magazine with the latest from Sig Sauer

NRA's American Rifleman magazine is now available online. In there you will find a collection of great articles like Field Editor Wiley Clapp's look at the Sig 224.

Short & Sweet
The SIG Sauer P224

In search of a high-tech semi-automatic for concealed carry? There’s no better time to do it, since the pistol industry is fiercely competitive, offering a wide variety of models for every conceivable need. Guns from the major makers come in several chamberings and a variety of operating systems, but today’s design trends involve reduced size and weight. It is also true that the makers work to develop less costly ways to build their products. A lower price point is very appealing when the buyer has a selection of guns laid out on the counter mats of a local gun shop; however, if you look back at what has been tabbed as “new” during the past few years, it has been the size and weight of the guns that so often closes the deal. It seems everybody wants as many shots as possible, as well as some form of safe and simple trigger action, but they want it in an ever-decreasing mass.

It is exactly this criterion that influenced SIG Sauer to develop a new pistol called the P224. A chunky, little recoil-operated semi-automatic, the P224 bears a strong family resemblance to other pistols in the company’s distinguished P-series line. It is a small gun, but not one to be confused with the personalsize, ultra-compact ...

Get the full scoop from American Rifleman's article on the SIG Sauer P224 today.

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