By Lars Dalseide | March 27 2012 22:10
As always, the rundown for this week's episode of Top Shot on History will run tomorrow afternoon. Until then, here are five quick thoughts on tonight's episode of Top Shot:

Top Shot knife maker Dylan Fletcher is eliminated in round seven of Top Shot Season 4 - photo courtesy of History Channel.

  1. William didn't want to try the rifle during practice. He later proved to be the best rifle shot on Blue Team. He went in with way too much ego and not enough teamwork. Until that's corrected, he'll be a target.
  2. The paint can trick shot looked incredibly difficult. Red Team's Gary Shank made it look incredibly easy. Maybe this Civil War Reenactor from Reno will emerge as a man to beat.
  3. While she stepped up to shoot a bottle cap off a (duh) bottle with a .22 rifle, Blue Team's Terry Vaughan referred to Red Team's Gabby Franco as the Ice Queen of the Universe … now there's a title to hang on a wall.
  4. William kept saying his performance would be, "Hey Diddle Diddle right down the middle". Then he missed three out of four shots. To quote Greg Littlejohn, Hey diddle diddle just left the building. Add that to the attitude and there's no wonder he found his way to the elimination round.
  5. Dylan and William were nominated for elimination. During the practice, Dylan was all over the place. During the elimination, William hit everything all over the place. We have no Dylan no more. Too bad Dylan, we were just beginning to appreciate the humor.
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